Overcoming the Covid-19 crisis: the importance of Renewable Energy


Since the end of February, with the spread of the “Coronavirus”, Italy and the world have been facing the most dangerous health, economic and social crisis ever since the post-war period.
La situazione di “lockdown”, con l’isolamento di ogni individuo nella propria abitazione e la chiusura di tutte le attività produttive, ha determinato un’importante riflessione nel settore delle Energie Rinnovabili.

The strategic value of this economic sector at a residential, industrial and global air pollution level has emerged.

From a residential point of view, the “lockdown” situation has taught us the importance of having guaranteed essential services including the supply of energy and the possibility of producing it in a decentralized and autonomous way thanks to efficient production and storage systems of renewable energy.
From aindustrial point of view, the “smart” and efficient management of the electrical energy consumption of the production cycle takes on a real survival value for businesses. Reducing fixed costs and increasing production with the direct use of the energy produced by your photovoltaic system becomes strategic especially in the manufacturing sector.

From an environmental point of view, satellite images have visually demonstrated how the “lockdown” has freed the atmosphere from all those pollutants normally present in the air. For this reason, concretely promoting a model of environmental sustainability based on the diffusion of renewable energies becomes central not only at an economic level but also to concretely improve the quality of life of each individual.


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