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We have achieved and strengthened our leading position in the Italian PV market with excellent
results in terms of quality of materials and technological solutions.
Studying the whole process of value creation, we aim at maximum efficiency of our solutions.
We have installed dozens of turnkey residential and industrial plants, always seeking the maximum
satisfaction of our customers.

Our 'turnkey' service

  • Preliminary analysis of the energy requirements of the building
  • Project proposal and business plan
  • Permitting services (Municipality, Electric grid owner and GSE – Italian Energy Services Manager);
  • Installation of the system complete with all components (modules, inverters, electrical) carried out by skilled labor
  • Management and organization of the work site with disposal of waste materials
  • Testing the system and issuing the declaration of conformity
  • Connection to the Public Network

Our added value

  • Quality certified EU materials
  • Use of latest generation monocrystalline modules
  • Best price-quality ratio
  • Quick installation time
  • Supply of panels and inverters from leading international manufacturers able to provide real guarantees on the installed components
  • Highly specialized and constantly trained staff
  • Long-experienced technical support
  • Major technical partners
  • Financial partners for personalized services
  • Partner tecnici di primaria importanza
  • Partner finanziari per servizi personalizzati

Find out when it is convenient to adopt photovoltaic 2.0

Significant savings on electricity bills through self-consumption of the energy produced by the PV system.

through an agreement named “Scambio sul Posto” (Feed-in Tariff), that guarantees the repayment of the energy fed into the national electricity grid without being self-consumed or stored for a period equal to the average life cycle of a photovoltaic system (over 25 years).

alternative to on-the-spot exchange and other forms of tax benefit. The GSE pays a fee relating to the energy fed into the network on the basis of a fixed rate for 20 years until a maximum spending limit established by Ministerial Decree 04/07/2019 is reached.

direct tax relief (up to 45% of the amount financed for small businesses) for the purchase of goods that are instrumental to the company’s business.

pursuant to the Italian “Decreto Sviluppo 2012” (“Development Decree 2012”, art. 11, D.L. No 134 of June 22, 2012, converted with amendments into Law No 134 of August 7, 2012), 50% of the investment cost to be divided into 10 annual instalments of the same amount and to be calculated starting from the year in which the expenditure has been incurred.

Central and local govenments have several different programs to feed the transition toward carbon free development

while the system is in operation

during operation of the photovoltaic and storage systems, with no additional network costs otherwise to be paid to the Distribution Operator

(using the clean electricity to power, for example, heat pumps and to remove gas or methane gas supply)

Our technical solutions

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