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Operations and Maintenance

We play an important role in Operations & Maintenance (O&M) activities within the Italian market, providing a wide range of services related to the management and maintenance of large photovoltaic systems. We currently work on a total capacity of more than 50 MW.
Our primary goal is to improve the performance of the system to maximise the return on the energy and financial investment.

Our guaranteed O&M services

Corrective, predictive and preventive maintenance

We perform various maintenance activities in accordance with the manufacturer’s specific safety procedures and the sector-based technical standards. We propose and carry out several activities aimed at preventing possible problems and at correcting earlier anomalies, from the visual inspection to the control of the different parts of the system, from the check of the electrical continuity of the strings to the interventions to maintain the efficiency of all components .

System Performance Monitoring

We have at our disposal advanced tools for performance analysis and diagnosis. We provide our customers with specific reports in compliance with the international scientific standards. We carry out on-site verifications that, in addition to the installed monitoring systems, allow us to check the actual operation of the plant (e.g. detection of I-V curve, thermographic analyses, etc.).

Integration with the Electricity Grid

We are constantly in contact with electricity grid companies in Italy, to promptly respond to their requirements and their requests related to the plants under our management (e.g. remote tripping, power reductions, etc.).

Management and Supply of ‘Spare Parts’

We have built a network of relationships with important international distributors, that allows us to quickly find the spare parts we need . Then, our operational teams replace the damaged component immediately.

Maintenance of the Installation Site

We take care of every aspect regarding the plant installation site: from the internal and external vegetation to the video surveillance system, from security fences and gates to soil drainage systems.

24h Control Room

Our control room operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, constantly monitoring the performance of the plants and preventing possible theft attempts or acts of vandalism.

Asset Management

We provide various services relating to all the requirements to be fulfilled for a proper and qualified management of the administrative and technical asset of the plant, with GSE (Italian Energy Services Manager) , with ARERA (Italian Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and Environment), technical management

Management of Insurances, Incentives, Taxation related to the Production and Use of Energy (excise)

We provide our customers with assistance in fulfilling all regulatory obligations to be met for the maintenance of government incentives.

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